Ilham Al Madfai

Ilham Al Madfai Ilham Al Madfai

Ilham al-Madfai is a guitarist, composer and Iraqi singer. His songs are popular both in the Middle East and the West for its singular style, a real mix of various Western styles (flamenco, rock) and traditional Iraqi music.

Ilham’s musical talent began to seriously develop at his young age of twelve. He started, and still is, a guitarist at heart. His musical career formally started when he formed his first musical band (Twisters) in the sixties.

A few years later, Ilham left Baghdad to England to study Architecture. When Ilham returned to Baghdad in 1967, he formed his well-known band (13 ½). He reached a peak in popularity throughout the 70s; he was Iraq’s most popular musician all during the 70s.

Then in 1990 Ilham decided to restart his musical career. He formed Firqat Ilham (Ilham's Band).

Ilham's outstanding talent is recognized throughout the world. Most of his releases are from his own musical compositions such as Khuttar, Chathab, Maasaal, Baghdad,Ana Blayak and others.

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