Layla Iskandar

Layla Iskandar Layla Iskandar

Her first step in the musical world was at the age of sixteen when she got the gold medal in the category of Tarab song in the program “Studio El Fan”.

In 2004, Layla participated in the program Star Academy in its first season in the Middle East. In the following year, she starred as a singer and actress in the theater piece “ Insan “ and participated in a duet entitled “ Lebanon” with the Kuwaiti artist Nabeel Shuail.

In 2007, she released a video clip for the khaliji song “Assalifa Wma Fiha” which allowed her to gain the title of « best artist to sing Khaliji » that year in a referendum by Dubai television. A year later, she released a video clip for the song “Qader Ala Boudy” in the Egyptian dialect and in 2010 followed by a song entitled “Bhebbo” and another solo song entitled “Al Hobb Min Taraf Wahad”.

Lately, Layla released her new single « Al Ghabi ».

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