Khalil Abou Obeid

Born in  Zahle on December 19, 1980, Khalil Abou Obeid is a young talented Lebanese composer, arranger, and singer who was raised by a father that had a great voice and a mother with a good ear for music.

Khalil’s passion for music was eminent at an early age. He first started his piano lessons at the tender age of four, and he was only eight when he had his first public performance at Christ-Roi, Zahle.

Despite his music devotion, Khalil pursued a double major in psychology and philosophy at USEK. After he successfully obtained his bachelor’s degrees, he enrolled in the graduate program and earned a master’s degree in philosophy.

On the other hand, Khalil’s burning desire for music got him many certificates and diplomas in musicology, along with religious, oriental and operatic music. He also went on to earn a diploma of final studies in solfège, dictation, and composition- all obtained with excellence.

As for the basics of harmony, Khalil had them learned by world-class maestro and composer Toufic Sukkar.

Khalil held many music teaching positions in a number of institutes and universities. He taught singing, solfège and musical composition. He was passionate about helping others learn music which led him to become the music director in many institutions.

Khalil’s reputation and experience soon got him on television. He taught in many programs for amateurs in the Arab world such as The X-Factor (2007), The Manager (2008), Star Academy (2009, 2010 and 2011)- where he was also a member of the jury, and The Voice (2012).

His Works

Khalil started his musical composition path with EMGY choir where he presented lots of his major polyphonic works that he had composed and arranged. Khalil also wrote, composed and arranged many Arabic songs like Hebbini and Baadik, both performed by Mohammad Al Majzoub, as well as the renowned duet Khedni, performed by Eliane Mahfouz and Mohammad Al Majzoub.

Isar is Khalil’s latest orchestral arrangement. It reflects his musical philosophy of transcending the “here” and “now” and of presenting a marriage between western harmony and oriental melody. It is in this philosophy that Khalil sees a new world of music in the Middle East. He dedicates it to every person who loves and cherishes good music.

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