Turki Turki

Turki is a Saudi young upcoming artist who belongs to the new generation and is considered as one of the ambassadors of Saudi song to the foreign world.

The symptoms of his artistic fever appeared at a very young age, exactly when Turki started proving a passion for music and getting influenced by great artists like Rashed Al Majed and Mohamed Abdou.

In 2005, Turki signed with Rotana music production, a year later, he released the album “Ashaer Quloub”, including great titles like “Leila”, “Essal El shouq”, and “Wain Belqaly”.

In 2008, he released the album “Rassayel”, comprising great songs like “Bashrouha”, “Ajmal Hobb”, “Al Habib Lawali”, to be followed by the album of 2010 “Ahla Alfosool”, which consists of titles like “Yatik Alawafi”, “Eli Ajabni”, “Lawmoufini”, and “Enta Maay”.

Turki is really a handsome artist, who is endowed with a great voice and a charismatic on-stage appearance.

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