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Hatem El Iraqi

Hatem El Iraqi Hatem El Iraqi

Indeed, Hatem is a singer, composer, lyricist, and performer. Hatem is best known for his long and successful career which started in the late 1990’s. Hatem released a great selection of albums entitled “cocktail” in 2002, “Mhajer” in 2006, “Rayeh” in 2008, and “El Donya Ma Teswa” in 2010.

He also recorded “Chou Yaani” a duet with Majed El Mouhandes in 2009. Hatem’s appearances in festivals are numerous. He participated in Dubai music festival in 2005, 2006, and 2007. He also took part in the international music festival of Cairo in the editions of 2008 and 2009.

Hatem’s video clips are very successful; we can mention “Ya Tair”of 2008 as a good example.

Hatem El Iraqi is viewed as a world artist due to the fact that he performs modern music blended with Iraqi lyrics, and to the fact that he possesses an extreme talent best heard in his titles “Yekfina”, ”Sho Yaani”, and “La Thadedni”.

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